After many years, as an independent curator, and artist,  Wook Choi founded the Crecloo Art Gallery in 2004 and Wook + Lattuada Gallery in 2007, under the partnership with Flavio Lattuada in Millan, Italy founded in 1963 by legendary art dealer, Fiorella La Lumia. The current gallery's name, Lattuada Studio is a 3rd generation gallery in Milan, Italy. 

Wook + Lattuada Gallery is a Contemporary Art gallery active in both the primary and secondary market. 

In the secondary market, the gallery houses the largest collection of Futurist works (124 pieces) in the world as well as 20th century modern art. 

In the primary sector, the gallery covers a broad spectrum of contemporary art, from seminal Minimalist works to large-scale installation and media art and video work.

The gallery has created the start of a new Italian Art Movement, Rigorismo, influenced by Lucio Fontana and a survey exhibition of Italy’s preeminent artists who represent the genesis, progression, and future of the Spazialismo movement. Rigorismo is rooted in the tradition of the Spazialismo (Spatialism) movement of the late 1940s, as well as the German Zero movement of the late 1950s. 

The pioneering Wook + Lattuada Gallery's Rigorismo artists are Giuseppe Amadio, Cesare Berlingeri, Angelo Brescianini, Stefano Brunello, Riccardo Gusmaroli, Umberto Mariani,  Nando Stevoli, Armando Marrocco,  Gianfranco Migliozzi, Pino Pinelli, Turi Simeti, Alberto Loro, Umberto Mariani, and Maria Savino.

The gallery has also begun to maintain long-term representation of artists including Lucia Pesador, Angiola Churchill, Jai Hart, Paulien Lethen, and Raymundo Sesma. 


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