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Giuseppe Amadio

Giuseppe Amadio’s "Rigorismo" Sept 9 - Oct 11, 2014 

Gallery Art Center started its activity in 1963 , with the aim of increasing research and cultural affirmation not only as an exhibition space , but as a meeting place for intellectuals, artists and art lovers . The interdisciplinary approach has always been the cornerstone of its business : many, in fact, were the moments of collaboration with architects, designers, and then meetings, debates , book presentations and musical moments . It is involved in many historical recoveries including those Prampolini , Doctors, Andreoni , Angelucci , Lazzari , Queen, ( as well as having worked on other Futurists known as Balla and Boccioni ) , organizing to these authors , as well as exhibitions at the gallery all exhibitions in museums and municipalities organized from 1969 until today. During these years, the gallery has promoted Swiss artists then presented by Denise René in Paris .

From 1969 to 1970 have been treated several exhibitions whose " common thread " was the line of the sign, which displays works by Nicholson , Klee, Arp , Jawlensky and others were presented and compared to those of contemporary artists. Also in the seventies , Art Center has created an alternative space next to the historic site , " Vice versa " . In 1991, the Art Center has divided the gallery section of modern contemporary and opened " Lattuada Studio" by editor in chief Flavio Lattuada that gave the work a new and intense pulse. Lattuada Studio has opened with a number of young people "The art of the here and now," presented by Achille Bonito Oliva to have a keen eye on what is happening and this is the task that the gallery has taken a range of presentations on ' art in the world.

The gallery is primarily concerned with Italian art of the twentieth century , ranging from Futurism to the fact Contemporary: the aim is to promote an art that is not fashion , but that is the deepest roots in the country's history and society of the last century . Artists such as Balla, Boccioni, Depero , Fountain, Bonalumi and wheel are just some of the ones followed and promoted in almost fifty years of work : the choices are not random , and collectors who follow the tunnel know that care is put in the design of each exhibition and catalog that at each exposure is published . As always, in addition has a large public statements , the gallery Lattuada Studio Art Center cares to accompany young collectors to discover a world difficult as that of Art : a process that is done together with more profitable exchanges of views and opinions often mean that it creates a special bond unbreakable .

The aim of the gallery is twofold: on the one hand to promote and raise awareness of the historical artists that is , always trying to come in against the needs of large customers; interact with other contemporary artists on projects that are often taken abroad or in public spaces such as the Venice Biennale and the Palazzo Te , to name just a few. As for the contemporary , in fact, are important public collaborations from artists such as Lucia Pescador or Raymundo Sesma , both recognized and appreciated for many years both in Italy and abroad. Flavio Lattuada put the customer and their needs at the center of his philosophy : the human relationship comes before the work . The environment includes the collector and the curious who will never feel neglected or abandoned : the path that is offered to those who come to see a show is always accompanied by long talks and discussions . The art here is not a fancy remote and incomprehensible , but there is a beloved and respected friend to know and make known .

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