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Movement of Rigorismo

Explaining the reasons for conceiving an exhibition is never easy. It is a set of factors that try to lead to an idea together.

Experience, passion and courage are definitely the starting point to explore how and why we came to this event. For years we treat artists like Lucio Fontana who had great intuition, opened roads and changed the way of conceiving the canvas, colors, and Art in general. By working with an artist of this caliber we got to deepen its modus operandi, get inside his head and understand the deeper reasons for the choices he made. Hence the idea:presenting works of other artists who have been inspired by this great Master who has made and continues to make a mark on the twentieth century, with ideas flowing from other ideas, according to the personal feeling that only a huge artist can conceive.

These groups of artists collect different personalities united by the almost obsessive search for perfection and simplicity: the desire to let the canvas "speak", to emphasize the relationship between space and color in the most linear but substantial term, these are the common thread of the exhibition. They reach the pure essentiality so that they do not take away anything more: the work speaks for itself and by itself.

No need for explanations or unnecessary phrases: the formal precision reflects the passion that induces these artists to experiment, gets constantly tested and compared with very high models, the stimulus is strong and steady that pushes them to overcome themselves and their limits. It is indeed a courageous choice made by the personalities that made us want to work so that this exhibition does not remain only an exhibition. There is an intellectual depth and philosophical conception, and it could be argued that this is a new beginning, which is inspired by the rigor of the forms and the relationship with space, hence Rigorism.

Choices and dictates do not preclude, however, the explosion of the ego of the artist. There is no trace of seriality, cold running or stiffness, but makes the sensitivities of the different artists and their personalities stand out immediately.

The canvas is bent and shaped on a precise idea, which manifests itself in different ways depending on the hand that has created it: the charm of the artists chosen is just that ,to find out how each personality behind the canvas, behind the protrusions and recesses, behind the color or no color, and how each of them fins himself and his emotions.

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